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Vinyl Countdown is a professional DJ service that delivers boutique entertainment solutions to help you celebrate life’s biggest moments. We’re insanely creative, highly skilled and experienced DJs with a passion for music and turntables. Our unwavering goal is to deliver the best party ever for each and every client.

Drawing on 15 years of experience in all types of venues, we’re as comfortable rocking the crowd at a wedding dance party as we are at making toes tap at a corporate cocktail event. To ensure we deliver the perfect soundtrack, we collaborate with our clients to learn about their visions and musical tastes. It’s a fun, easy and stress free process. We love talking about music and want our clients to share our excitement and passion. Music provides an event’s heartbeat and will be something your guests remember long afterwards, so choosing the right DJ is crucial. Our clients expect and deserve more than a laptop and playlist. They want a DJ who can read the crowd, set the mood and play the right music at the right time so the dance floor stays packed all night – a DJ who can deliver the club experience when appropriate. That’s what we do. We are Vinyl Countdown. Based in Maine but available for events nationwide.


What We Offer

The DJ aka disc jockey may not be top of your planning list, but choosing the right DJ is crucial. The art of the DJ is reading the crowd, setting the mood and playing the right music at the right time. Good DJs do this instinctively.

Our DJs have the experience, the skills and the musical catalog to:

  • Mix songs professionally on turntables, not arrive with a laptop and a pre-programmed playlist.
  • Understand that particular moments require a specific ambience. The dance floor filling hits are very different to the music that will enhance and encourage lively cocktail hour conversation.
  • Be versatile and bridge a wide range of ages and musical tastes to get your great aunt AND your high school friends on the dance floor and keep them there.
  • Make the party happen so that your event is one that nobody forgets, for the right reasons.

Most importantly, the best DJs know exactly when to switch gears and can do it seamlessly. As Open-Format DJs we can perform a set based on any musical genre of your choosing or blend multiple genres and eras to keep everyone dancing.


Our Promise

Personality and professionalism matter just as much as the music. You want a DJ who will work with you, for you and honestly cares about your day. We are dedicated and motivated to giving you and your guests a perfect day, one that you will always remember.

At Vinyl Countdown we will:

  • Help you plan so that no important details are overlooked such as – songs for specific moments, who is giving speeches and the timings of MC announcements.
  • Keep the timeline of your day on schedule.
  • Be comfortable on the microphone when needed, but let the music do the talking and not make ourselves the focal point.
  • Dress well and appropriately to match the “look” of your event.
  • Ensure the DJ area is clean, clutter free and looks good in your photos.
  • Have a back-up plan in place in case of unforeseen events and inform you of it in advance, so that you have peace of mind.

Our Equipment

Having the right DJ equipment, set up in the best location, to create the optimal audio atmosphere for every aspect of your event is critical. We will work closely with your venue and/or event planner to ensure that there will be no surprises on the day. Our commitment to delivering your perfect event soundtrack means that we will:

  • Scout the location beforehand to ensure everything from access to adequate power sources to understanding the acoustics of the space(s) is taken care of.
  • Coordinate directly with the venue contact or your event planner as needed.
  • Provide quality equipment.
  • Arrive in plenty of time to set up, test all equipment and troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.
  • Bring standby equipment.
  • Provide client support in a responsive manner.
  • Ensure every detail is discussed and confirmed so that the day itself is yours to enjoy.
Deeply rooted in nightlife

Our Music

The right music can turn a good party into one of those great parties where everyone is having so much fun they don’t want the night to end. However, it is all too easy to ruin a special day if you get the music wrong. At Vinyl Countdown we’ll work with you to fully understand your expectations and learn about your vision for the day, so that we can tailor the atmosphere to your specific needs. To ensure that the music tells your unique story we will incorporate:

  • An in-depth understanding of your musical taste.
  • Your no play list.
  • Your must play list.
  • How you want to handle requests.
  • Your event schedule needs.
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A Customized Solution To Make Your Event A Huge Success

Vinyl Countdown offers a broad range of DJ services to meet the varying needs of our clients. From Master of Ceremony services to keeping the dance floor filled or anywhere in between – we can help. Looking for a professional Maine wedding DJ? Check. Searching for a party DJ or event DJ? That’s us. Looking for a DJ who has a photo booth or uses cheesy gimmicks? That’s not us.

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